First things first

Hi there, my name is Vitali Burla, I’m a data enthusiast and I’m starting this blog to share some tips that hopefully would be useful for many of you.

Who am I?
I’ve been working on data-related jobs since 2014 and since then I’ve gained some experience with Power BI, Excel, Tableau and Qlik Sense. I spend my time mostly with my family, reading tech blogs and trying out some stuff in Power BI. I give the occasional talk on Power BI and I organize the Sofia Power BI User Group.

Why am I doing this?

I like sharing and helping people. Too many cartoons in the 90’s I guess 🙂

What to expect here?

Articles on Power BI, recommendations on blogs to read, hopefully, book reviews, comments on new & existing tools. Perhaps an occasional non-technical article, reblog of comic etc.

Can you reach out to me?

Please feel free to do so – whlie I probably won’t reply right away, I’ll do it as quick as I can

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